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Speed Demon Hybrid

Speed Demon Hybrid

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Forest Newberry
The best!

They are the toughest sunglasses out there!😎 I’ve owned just about every other name brand pair it there but these are the best. Lense quality and availability are definitely key selling points also.😎

Travis Boardwine

I heard about Fast Metal through one of my ARMY buddies bragging about that these was about the safest and yet strongest made sunglass frames and lenses that your very hard earned work cash could buy on the market to date!!!!.I was skeptical @ first but yet bought a pair of Speed Demon Hybrids and fell in absolute love for these glasses & it was not a mistake when I gotten either i use these bad boys daily and they are hands down best and most comfy ones for range day and any other activities and I highly highly highly respect and also recommend trying these cool shades on and getting you a pair.I was an Oakley man through and through but these puppies made n the U.S.A like oakley are a wee bit way better in my opinion 💯💯💯

Awesome to hear from you Travis! We're glad you are a happy member of the Fast Metal crew and hope your sunglasses give you a lifetime of protection and style!

Tim Belitz
Cool Shades and Strongest Sunglasses!

Great fit! Excellent durability! I pushed them to the limits! They have not failed me!


these are soo cool and high quality as I knew they would be I got the gun metal speed demon hybrids they are super comfortable the lens are awesome , this is my 1st pair of fast metal and it wont be my last ! next I want a blue pair of speed demons !! the lens and other parts are available for these that makes them easy to own top notch glasses !

Best pair sunglasses I’ve ever owned

The quality is unbelievable, worth every penny. I’ll wear these to the grave. Better than any pair of gatorz or liquids I’ve worn with out the dumb stigma that gatorz brings. the hinges are better the frame is better the lenses are better, they’re just better. #ditchthegatorz