The Speed Demon is a bigger frame and uses the same temples as the Pioneer.

Fast Metal makes plastic frames out of Grilamid Nylon. It is a brand of plastic that is used in high quality sunglasses. Fast Metal also uses 7075 aluminum alloy on its Speed Demon and Pioneer.

The Fender model does not offer interchangeable lenses. This model must be returned to the factory for repair of scratched lenses or other damages.

Fast Metal products come with a 1-year warranty from date of purchase. However, this warranty does not cover scratched lenses. Fast Metal offers replacement lenses for Screaming Demon, Speed Demon and Pioneer. Lenses can be replaced by the consumer and do not have to be returned to the manufacture. Videos are available on our website to show how to replace lenses.

Fast Metal makes more colors than displayed on the website. These special color items are only sold at special events that Fast Metal attends. Check our website for upcoming events on the home page.

Fast Metal offers private label sunglasses. Contact us for details about minimum orders.

Polarized lenses cut glare the same way venetian blinds filter light. Polarized lenses are more like filters that cut glare from shiny or reflective surfaces. The venetian blinds only let the light in one way, which helps slow down the vibration of light, allowing you to see objects in better light.

Yes, these models pass for impact resistance and optical clarity. The Fender model is not rated for safety.

Fast Metal started in April 2018 and the owner has been making sunglasses in the USA since 1988.