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Mav Aviator

- Lightweight Stylish Aviator Frame

- Corrosion Resistant Metal Frame

- Spring-Loaded Hinge

- 100% UV Protection

- Polarized 6-Base Lens

-RX Capable, can function as prescription sunglasses


When you’re working up a sweat in the hot summer or the cold winter, you want your sunglasses to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible. The Mav Aviator, our innovative take on classic Aviator sunglasses, definitely fits the bill.

These ultra-stylish metal sunglasses, featuring a corrosion-resistant metal frame and durable spring-loaded hinge, feature the same high-quality scratch-resistant and impact-resistant lens that Fast Metal is famous for. And yes, these polarized lenses offer 100% UV protection from the summer or winter sun.

The Mav can also function as a stylish pair of prescription sunglasses, thanks to our genius interchangeable lens system.


Compatible Accessories:

Fast Metal Lens Cleaner Spray

Always carry some around with you for reliable, safe cleaning anywhere you go!



Fast Metal Defog-It Anti-Fog Solution

Say goodbye to the hassle of fogged-up lenses forever!



Adjustable Lanyard

Another option to help keep sunglasses in place during your activities. Click for details.



Microfiber Bag

Comes with all Fast Metal Sunglasses. Great for cleaning lenses and storing sunglasses. Grab a spare or a replacement here!


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