Prescription Guide

Thank you for your interest in Fast Metal's Prescription Sunglasses. To get one of our sunglasses made with your prescription, you will need a current prescription from within the recent year. If it is older than one year, you must renew it. If you already have your Fast Metal sunglass frames, click here to order the prescription lens only.

Once you have your prescription information, look at your Sphere (SPH) and Cylinder (CYL) numbers. If your Sphere is within -3.50 to +3.00, and your Cylinder is within -4.0 and 4.0, this means ANY and ALL of our frames are compatible with your prescription. If one of your numbers is outside this range, the table below will help narrow down which frames are compatible with your prescription.

 Prescription Compatibility Chart

 Frame SPH Range CYL Range
Speed Demon +5.50 to -3.50 -4.00 to +4.00
Speed Demon Hybrid +5.50 to -3.50 -4.00 to +4.00
Shifter +5.50 to -3.50 -4.00 to +4.00
Screaming Demon +5.50 to -3.50 -4.00 to +4.00
Pioneer +5.50 to -3.50 -4.00 to +4.00
Pioneer Hybrid +5.50 to -3.50 -4.00 to +4.00
Jensen Hybrid +3.00 to -7.00 -4.00 to +4.00
Kenwood +3.00 to -7.00 -4.00 to +4.00
Roadie +6.00 to -5.00 -4.00 to +4.00
Sundown +6.00 to -5.00 -4.00 to +4.00
Clarion +3.00 to -7.00 -4.00 to +4.00
Alpine +3.00 to -7.00 -4.00 to +4.00
FMJ +3.00 to -7.00 -4.00 to +4.00
Goose +6.00 to -5.00 -4.00 to +4.00
Mav Aviator +6.00 to -5.00 -4.00 to +4.00
Sweet Rays +6.00 to -5.00 -4.00 to +4.00
Reckless +6.00 to -5.00 -4.00 to +4.00
SpaRx +6.00 to -5.00 -4.00 to +4.00
SpecWAR +6.00 to -5.00 -4.00 to +4.00
Rockford +6.00 to -5.00 -4.00 to +4.00
Kicker +6.00 to -5.00 -4.00 to +4.00
Rocker +5.50 to -3.50 -4.00 to +4.00

Ordering a Prescription Lens

Ordering your prescription to fit our sunglasses is easy. When viewing the sunglasses of your choice, simply choose the color you like from the options and click the blue "BUY WITH PRESCRIPTION" button. Enter your prescription details, upload a copy of your prescription, choose your options, checkout, and you're done! If you already have your Fast Metal sunglass frames, click here to order the prescription lens only.

Pupillary Distance:

To make any prescription lens, we need a value unique to you known as your "pupillary distance". We recommend that you get this information before placing your order. You can get this from your eye doctor or from a phone app (search your app store for "pupillary distance"). You can still place your order if you don't have this number and we will try to contact your doctor for this information. If we are unable to get this information, we will need to place your order on hold until you can get this number for us.

A Note about Progressive Prescriptions:

To ensure the accuracy and comfort of your progressive prescription, we require your "Segment Height" as measured by your eye doctor, taken while wearing the frame you purchased. When you complete your order with a progressive prescription, at first we will send you the frame only. You take the frame to your eye doctor to get measured, then submit your segment height information to us via phone and/or e-mail. We then begin processing your prescription and send the lenses directly to you!