Why Buy American-Made Products?

What's the big deal with everyone claiming that their products are made in the USA, and everyone saying that you should "buy American Made"? Is it just a buzzword or marketing fad? Here are the facts.


A recent study by the Reshoring Institute shows that 7 out of 10 Americans actively seek out and prefer products that were manufactured here in the USA. Most are even willing to pay 30-50% more for an American-made product versus their foreign-made counterparts.


The big question we are here to answer is "why?". "What's in it for me?". The wealth of benefits to purchasing American-made may surprise you:


Boosts American Economy and Creates Jobs - 

Your hard-earned money stays right here within the borders of our own country, strengthening the economy that we all rely on for our livelihood. We can also improve the lives of those in our community by keeping our dollars here in the US. This also helps to provide American companies more revenue, allowing them to open more positions for employees, more jobs, and help keep Americans employed. Even your children and grandchildren will be grateful to you for doing your part to make the workforce a more nurturing place for them. Fast Metal is committed to serving our community by doing our part to make as many products and components as we can made right here in the USA.


Better Quality Standards - 

When you are at your best in mind and body, you are able to do your best work. Fair labor and wage laws in the USA help ensure that our workforce is happier and healthier in both body and mind, than in many foreign countries. Happier and healthier employees are much more likely to take pride and ownership of the quality of the products they make, as well as placing value in the success of their company. Along with superior quality standards enforced in most US manufacturing facilities, you can rest assured that you are getting a higher quality product versus cheaper foreign competitors. At Fast Metal, we take pride in holding every product to strict manufacturing and quality control standards to provide a superior quality product, every time.


Environmental Impact - 

Mars isn't going to be an option for most of us for a long time. We all share this planet, let's take care of it. Deleting the fuel use and carbon emissions that result from importing overseas products is a great start. American manufacturers are also required to meet standards set by the Clean Air Act, as well as many other more strict and detailed state and local standards, to help reduce emissions and waste. Many foreign countries do not have these regulations and as a result produce much more pollution and resource waste than American manufacturers for a given product family.


When you buy American-Made, you're getting what you pay for, and so much more. You get a better product, promote a stronger workforce and economy, help create healthier and happier communities, and help take better care of our planet. Join Fast Metal and fight the good fight with us.


Fast Metal's American-Made Story:

Fast Metal was started in a garage making premium aluminum sunglass frames machined from the highest and strongest grade alloys known to man. The founder, Ken Wilson is the pioneer of the aluminum eyewear industry and was the first to ever patent a 27 step procedure making high-quality aluminum frames in 1994.

Ken moved to San Diego to race motocross and worked at a clothing company in Chula Vista, California. Ken was later released from the company which enticed him to start his own company called Gatorz in 1987. In 2001 he developed another company called Liquid Eyewear.

Ken has since moved on and established Fast Metal LLC from his garage in Yuma, Arizona. Ken was originally asked to develop a product that could be used by military forces and to withstand high impact such as a 15 Caliber pellet fired at the lens at speeds of 725 feet per second to meet Mil-Spec standards. Another request was to develop the first-ever aluminum sunglass and eye protection system that would offer interchangeable lenses. He has accomplished both of these requests through his latest company, Fast Metal.

Fast Metal introduced the Speed Demon in 2018 to military customers around the world. The product demonstrates versatile interchangeable lenses that can be replaced within seconds. It also comes with a variety of options such as clear, high intensity yellow and orange for range shooting.

The Speed Demon features a unique 7 barrel hinge using two teflon coated screws top and bottom, securing the hinge against failure. Each hinge is attached to a stainless steel hollow tube rivet that is black oxide in color and deters against corrosion. The 7075 alloy frame is designed using a patent-pending lens holder that is cast from nylon using its unique flange and protrusions to withstand high impact. The nylon insert can be equipped with closed cell foam for dust and debris protection. No other product made from aluminum can compete on style, performance, or fit. The Fast Metal Speed Demon was built for protection, comfort, and fit.

We are taking aluminum to the highest level of development and making it here in the USA. We are providing jobs and creating higher standards for eye wear. We take customer service and quality very seriously and respect your opinion. If you ever have a quality issue or concern, please feel free to speak with our customer service reps. Our goal is to please the customer and give you the best eye protection on earth.