Speed Demon

- All Metal Sunglasses made from Aluminum 7075 Alloy

- 7 Barrel Hinge, Dual Screws

- 9 Base Interchangeable Lens

- ANSI Z87.1-2015 Certified Safety Sunglasses

- Rx capable, can function as Prescription Sunglasses

- Made in the USA


Take your sunglasses from zero to hero in the literal blink of an eye. Meet the Speed Demon from Fast Metal, forged in the USA from American-made 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum, meaning your levels of eye protection and fashion style are taking off to new heights.

What’s so special about our Speed Demon metal sunglasses? Glad you asked. Just a little thing called interchangeable lenses, which allow this versatile visual aid to function as a pair of Z87+ certified safety glasses and prescription sunglasses at the same…damn…time!

For you statistic geeks out there - Z87 is the American National Standards Institute’s rating for safety eyeglass lenses that properly protect your eyes from projectiles, chemicals, and harmful dust. The plus sign we have after our Z87 means that our metal sunglasses go beyond the ANSI’s standards. Yup, these babies can resist damage from a steel ball shot into the lenses at 102 mph. True story. Now that’s freaking safe.

Add our bold wrap-around style, ultra-tough 7-barrel hinges, corrosion-resistant dual Teflon-coated screws, scratch and impact-resistant lenses, and 100% UV protection and you’ve got one devil of a pair of sunglasses sitting on your nose!


Compatible Accessories:

Fast Metal EVA Zip Case


Store and protect your new sunglasses with this robust hard case!



Accessory Bundle

Comes with a hard case, a lanyard, and a pair of clear and yellow lenses. Click here to View Details.



Prescription Lenses


Ditch the fit-overs! Click here to get prescription lenses made for your Speed Demon.



Replacement Lenses


Swap out one color of lenses for another in a heartbeat! Replace scratched or damaged lenses with ease! Click here to order!



Fusion Shield


Working or playing in dusty, sandy, or high-debris conditions? Attach a Fusion Shield to your Speed Demon sunglasses and breathe easier.



Foam-Lined Lens Inserts

Help keep that dust, dirt, or debris out of your eyes with foam-lined lens inserts.



Standard Lens Inserts

Replace an old roughed-up lens insert with a set of new ones!



Boot & Ear Lock Set

Help keep your sunglasses in place during high-movement activities. Click to see details.



Adjustable Lanyard

Another option to help keep sunglasses in place during your activities. Click for details.



Microfiber Bag

Comes with all Fast Metal Sunglasses. Great for cleaning lenses and storing sunglasses. Grab a spare or a replacement here!


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