Jensen Hybrid

- Metal Sunglasses with an Aluminum Frame and Nylon Temples

- 7-Barrel Hinge, Dual Screws

- 4-Base Interchangeable Polarized Lens

- Lightweight, Durable Design

- Fits Medium Size Faces

- Rx Capable, can function as Prescription Sunglasses

- Made in the USA


They say variety is the spice of life. Well, our ultra-cool Jensen Hybrid can really spice up your life thanks to over a dozen different frame, temple, and lens combos.

And sure, the Jensen Hybrid is colorful, but it’s also tough as balls. The frame is crafted from American Aircraft-grade 7075 Aluminum Alloy, while the light but incredibly durable and damage-resistant temples are molded from futuristic High Ballistic Grilamid Nylon.

Throw in our rugged 7-barrel hinges and high-quality scratch and impact-resistant interchangeable lenses, and you’ll be enjoying life in comfort and style. Our interchangeable lens system also allows Jensen Hybrid to function as a pair of prescription sunglasses! And our polarized lenses offer 100% UV protection. UV rays, you shall not pass!


Compatible Accessories:

Prescription Lenses


Ditch the fit-overs! Click here to get prescription lenses made to fit Jensen Hybrid.



Replacement Lenses


Swap out one color of lenses for another in a heartbeat! Replace scratched or damaged lenses with ease! Click here to order!



Fusion Shield


Working or playing in dusty, sandy, or high-debris conditions? Attach a Fusion Shield to your Jensen Hybrid sunglasses and breathe easier.



Standard Lens Inserts

Replace an old roughed-up lens insert with a set of new ones!




Adjustable Lanyard

Another option to help keep sunglasses in place during your activities. Click for details.



Microfiber Bag

Comes with all Fast Metal Sunglasses. Great for cleaning lenses and storing sunglasses. Grab a spare or a replacement here!


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